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Our Design Build service:

  • Our complete design-build service offers you great value!
  • We bring together the expertise of a professional designer and general contractor. During the initial preliminary design stages we work as a team to produce structurally efficient, common sense design solutions to solve your space needs for an addition, or your new home construction requirements. Our Design Build system allows you to consider design and specification options before making a substantial financial commitment in detailed "bid drawings".
  • We're here to serve you! From initial concept, through preliminary design, project specification and pricing, working drawings, contracts, permits and through construction, you can depend on us.
  • Your new addition will fit your house in both style and scale. Our process creates distinctive, yet practical designs for your home or addition that stay true to your vision and budget from the very beginning. Design and construction become one smooth, continuous process that over all saves you time and money!
  • We offer a guaranteed cost of construction in our Design Build agreements, one of the reasons we have so many satisfied customers.

Separate Design, Bid, Build construction method:

Sometimes clients prefer to hire an independent design professional and then put a project "out to bid". Although we believe the design build method is more direct, open, honest and time efficient, we understand and can work within the "competitive bid" process as well.

If you've already hired a design professional for your project (whether it be an AIA certified Architect or other design professional), we'll be glad to offer an estimated cost of construction based upon information provided by your designer.

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